Ottersmart General Information

When the flood water subsides, families and businesses are left to deal with the devastation left behind.  We are promoting a product known as ‘Otter Smart’ as a replacement to kitchens manufactured from wood, MDF or chipboard as it is wholly waterproof, anti-bacterial, killing over 97% of MRSA and other bacteria. Consequently, after a flood, because of its anti-bacterial properties, this product can be effectively and hygienically cleaned so it does not need to be thrown away. A kitchen made up of units constructed with Otter Smart can be disinfected and the customer can be confident that no bacteria or germs, carried by the water remain; even in the sealed joints.

Technical information

Otter Smart is an innovative sheet material with a wealth of pioneering new features and benefits. It has been expertly designed to replace materials traditionally used in sectors including construction, print and sign. Its sustainability and anti-bacterial properties are blazing a trail in diverse applications across the globe.



Otter Smart is impregnated with silver ions, making it an extremely good barrier against bacteria. This reduces the chance of cross contamination within medical or clean environments. This is not a coating as many anti-bacterial materials use, it is actually impregnated with silver ions and the protection carries on throughout the outer surfaces. The ions within the board are amongst some of the highest quality and effective in the market, resisting more than 50 major illness causing bacteria.


Further advantages:

Totally 100% waterproof: No degradation or swelling when wet.
Can be hosed down and chemically cleaned.
Anti-bacterial and easy to clean and install.
Sealed joints preventing for bacteria accumulation.
Looks like traditional kitchen cabinetry.


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